HIST 8500

TE11: Podcasting

I am incredibly passionate about podcasts, I listened to more podcasts this year than I did music on Spotify and my wrapped was embarrassing. However, I’m not a […]

HIST 8500

TE10: Net.Create

Net create made me feel like I was working on something so scientific that it had to have multiple eyes on it at once. That page was so […]

HIST 8500

TE9: Voyant Tools

Early on in my usage of Voyant tools, I ran into issues installing the “Desktop version” of the tool to my MacBook. While the GitHub and the small […]

HIST 8500

TE5: Zotero

Zotero, a creation of George Mason University was created for researchers to organize their secondary sources in an accessible and free way. With an incredibly intuitive setup, Zotero […]

HIST 8500

TE4: Tropy

Tropy is a tool that was publicly released in 2017 that is used by historians, and other types of researchers to organize, annotate, share notes on, and engage […]

HIST 8500

TE3: Story Maps

Story Maps, powered by ArcGIS is an incredibly useful tool for displaying information in a creative way. Its allows the author to show a narrative, visually with supplemental […]

HIST 8500


Code Academy may be one of the most accessible, and easily understood online resources for those with little to no experience in any type of computer science education […]


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Welcome to my blog! My name is Paige Magoto. I am a current History MA student at Clemson University. My roots extend to Ohio, West Virginia, and DC […]