TE11: Podcasting

I am incredibly passionate about podcasts, I listened to more podcasts this year than I did music on Spotify and my wrapped was embarrassing. However, I’m not a huge fan of historical podcasts. I think because I am away immersing myself into history during school, I find myself wanting to listen to fully comedic or entertaining podcasts. Since the class on podcasting, I have listened to a few episodes of tigers in the archives and enjoyed them, but haven’t ventured much further into historical podcasting for the time being. Despite this, there are some historical based podcasts in the queue of my spotify corpus of podcasts episodes I say I’m going to get to.

Something I noticed about the two podcasts we were listening to in class was the interfaces being the same for the two. The audio player and the overall look of the website was the same, which was nice for continuities sake. in “Old Newgate Prison and Copper Mine” which was an episode of “Ben Franklin’s world”, there interviewer asks questions of an expert on the exact history of the location, idea, object or person and creates a conversation centered around the hsitoriography there. In “Drafting the Past” the interview is much more centered around the historical methodology a person uses. I listened to Abby Mullen’s episode and it had much to do with Digital History as she was on the team that developed and introduced Tropy to historians.

On the other hand, I am genuinely unsure if podcasting would be in the scarfs for me as a medium of research or conveying information. For one, I don’t particularly like the sound of my voice, and I don’t think I’d be able to listen to myself speak for much longer than 5 minutes before threatening to shut it off and never open adobe audition again. I could see myself attempting to write for a podcast, however. I find myself to have a pretty conversational style of writing, even in my formal papers sometimes (which I have been trying to work on), and I think this style of writing would go a long way in a scripted podcast. In an interview type podcast like those we listened to in class like “Drafting the Past” and “Ben Franklin’s World”, wouldn’t be for me on the production side. The amount of improv I think would go into that would be intimidating.

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